The Basics Of Advertising Online

In today’s online business building tip, I’d like to discuss how to advertise online. Let’s talk about how to get a solid online advertising foundation and avoid a lot of the pitfalls that happens to brand new entrepreneurs online when beginning to place advertisements to drive more traffic to their business.

First, let’s look at an overview of the fastest path to online advertising success. Let’s take a look at the fundamentals. Here they are in a nutshell. We’ll go through each.

The very first thing is the obvious: place an ad. But, it has to be said because you’re going to see how this ties in with the entire funnel, or the step-by-step process. Where do you place an ad? I like the top six online advertising sources such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Bing, Craigslist, and Podcasting.

So you place your advertisement or you create your content with some of the ad sources like YouTube. You can place ads but your content which is step two, drive ad clicks to valuable content. Your content becomes the ad in and of itself, however, you place the ad, you drive ad clicks to the valuable content. Then, in your content, you have a sub advertisement. Essentially leading to an opt-in page or an offer page where you typically should be collecting the person’s e-mail address.