Online Advertising Strategies

So you want some traffic. Let me tell you about what I think is the three best advertising sources going into 2014. The three best are Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, and Re-targeting.

The top websites out there are Facebook, YouTube, and Google. Let’s skip Google. Google Adwords is great but it’s very expensive, so I don’t think that’s a viable option for everyone, but if you can afford it, Google Adwords is great. So, that leads us to with YouTube, Facebook, and then Re-targeting. So, what you’re going to use, you’re going to use Facebook Ads for their newsfeed ad feature. This is the most prime real-estate on the web right now, it’s the Facebook Newsfeed. People are spending hours and hours of their time every day inside Facebook on this Newsfeed, and you can position yourself right in front of them.

The other place that they’re spending all their time is on YouTube, and you can have your ads be placed in the beginning right before other people’s videos. This is the equivalent of putting yourself on TV. It’s right where people are watching all their videos. People are spending hours and hours of their time on YouTube, and just like they used to be spending hours and hours of their time on TV, now they’re in front of the computer watching these YouTube videos. You can basically have the same experience of having a TV commercial.

Now, about retargeting. It’s about placing a code in your website, and if the person doesn’t buy or become a lead, now your ads will follow them around. Let’s say somebody comes to your blog, because they saw your blog post on Facebook, maybe because they saw your Facebook blog, and now all of a sudden they’re seeing your ads for your service or product everywhere they go online.