How To Succeed In Online Ads

After placing an ad, and driving ad clicks to valuable content, you should offer new subscribers a consultation. You offer to talk to your brand new subscribers that are coming in your business. And then you use what we call the doctor/prescribed sales method. Also called the consultative sales method.

The more advanced entrepreneur may not use this, because at some point your business begins to grow so much that you can’t talk to every subscriber. However, if you make assets available in your business, so your subscribers can immediately watch some short videos, get some information about you, what you offer, what you’re going to give them, basically what’s in it for them, that is also just as good as you grow and get a lot more traffic.

Driving ad clicks to valuable content–if you place an advertisement and you try to skip sending the visitor to a good valuable piece of content, typically the ad platform will block you or disapprove your ads. They don’t like a direct ad, or a direct ad going to an offer, or even an opt-in page. However, if they find that if you’re creating good content, example, with Facebook advertising, you can create a good Facebook post, and buy traffic or eyeballs to that piece of content, then inside that content you can lead them off to a sub-ad to an opt-in page where you collect their e-mail.